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three | your favorite female character

Oh, Juliet Burke. You’re certainly a fascinating character study on the moral gray scale. In a way, she can be summed up in her early s3 quote, “It doesn’t matter who we were; it only matters who we are”. And who was Juliet Burke? Pre-island, she was meek and vulnerable; the only things that mattered in her life were her sister and her fertility research. She had a knack for creating life where life wasn’t supposed to be, and she wanted to use her gift. On the island, she becomes stoic, masked, cunning. Studying her becomes a game of filling in the gaps. The thing I love about Juliet is that she never belonged to anyone. Her ambiguity is endlessly fascinating because she never belonged to the Others or the Castaways. Juliet was only ever on Juliet’s side, doing what she felt was right, regardless of team. In season three, she was the creator of tension; in season four, she became a pillar of strength amongst the Castaways, and in season five, she was the heart of the show as her relationship with Sawyer provided domestic peace. If anything, her death only made her fanbase more unshakable because her life ended on a note of tragedy. Juliet was that character that she wanted to see get a happy ending because, in my opinion, she deserved it more than anyone. But in a way, exploding that bomb brought her life full circle—- it’s a widely held theory that the radiation from the bomb could very well be what killed pregnant women on the island, thus making her the creator of her own destruction. It’s a weirdly Shakespearean circle of truth, and more than anything, we love her for her conviction and empathy.

Plus, she’s just so damn pretty.

(via formerlythequietworld)

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